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This 6-page paper attempts to describe the long- and short-term causes of the English Civil War, also known as the English Revolution, which took place in the 17th century. Topics discussed include religion as well as the Scots and Irish Rebellions. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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More specifically, Oliver Cromwells Puritan "roundhats" against the Kings Catholic Royalists. This paper contends, however, that many deeply buried causes helped spark the war. The Puritans and the Catholics were the final straw. Many believe, in fact, that one of the causes of the war was King James, who ruled England during the early part of the century. Because of his autocratic ways, constant conflict existed between the monarchy and the English Parliament. As a result, when James died in 1625, the English Parliament worked hard to assert its claims for rulership - with those claims eventually ending up in bloodshed. This paper contends, however, that the English Civil War was a conflict in the making; one in which the Parliament, a collection of men who were interested in certain liberties, was up against the Stuart Dynasty of England, a dynasty that believed in the Divine Right of Kings. Furthermore, the war was likely prolonged because of clashes between the Puritan Parliament and the more Catholic Royalists. Two main factors sparked the war and kept it going for decades - religious intolerance and the actual role of Parliament within the English government. The English Civil war was also not strictly English, involving as it did Ireland and Scotland as well. The conflict, in fact, originated in Scotland and Ireland - all of whom were at odds with England and all of whom had rebellions because of the resentment that the English Crown tried to interfere in all affairs (Ohlmeyer, 1998). Unfortunately, as they found out later, the Irish didnt fare too well under Cromwells troops, either (Wilkinson, 2001). ...

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