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This 5 page paper discusses the ancient religion of Isis. History, myth, and influences discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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mankind was significant. The cults which were formed in her name grew to great power so that the legend of Isis is known to this day. Most scholars cannot with great certainty pin down the exact time that Isis made an appearance upon early mans spiritual horizon. The legends state that she was the daughter of the Gods, Geb and Nut, and eventually would wed her brother, Osiris. Most often when one sees her depicted she is shown in a radiant human form but with icons of divinity circling her head, much like a halo. Sometimes this halo would have a vulture worked into the motif, while other legends state that when Osiris died, Isis took the form of a Kite. Isis won great renown in the legends for her healing powers. When her husband, Osiris, was killed and dismembered by Seth she gathered together all the pieces and brought him back to life. It is from this legend that she was come to be seen as the goddess of the dead and of funeral rites. Among other roles, Isis was also regarded as the patron saint of the Pharaohs in power, since she aided her son, Horus, when he defeated Seth and assumed the throne. All of this, of course, was according to legend. However, the legends gained such popularity that in time many came to worship Isis, alone. Temples and mystery schools began to emerge. Some of the first were in Egypt, though most experts state that the largest gathering of followers were to be found in and near Giza and near the Nile delta areas(Witt 1997). This would be such an influential movement that it would also influence the Greeks and Romans when they moved into the area. The Greeks would call her, "Stella Maris" ...

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