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Sustainability in Higher Education

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A 7 page research paper describes the issue of sustainability in regards to higher education. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Sustainability in Higher Education by , October, 2012 -properly! The United Nations (UN) has identified five principal issues that are crucial for the establishment of sustainability. Furthermore, research has established that there are commonalities in education for sustainability (EfS) that across the demographic boundaries between countries, and this has led to a increasing consensus that EfS necessitates a combination of approaches and strategies (Rowe and Bosanquet 2012, p. 2). The categories identified by the Director-General of UNESCO are population; poverty; environmental degradation; democracy, human rights and peace; and development (UN 1997). The following examination of sustainability focuses on the sustainability goals for each of these categories that must be incorporated into higher education in order to achieve these goals. Population The population of the planet in 1950 was 2.5 billion, and projections indicate that it is expected to increase to 8 billion by 2025 (UN 1997). Consequently, there is no doubt that population is a factor in the degradation of the environment (UN 1997). In regards to how EfS literature addresses the topic of population, a study conducted by Richter and Schumacher (2011) investigated the extent to which EfS is of interest to university staff and students, using two related studies that were carried out in northern Germany. The researchers found that 60 percent of the teaching staff supported the inclusion of EfS in the curriculum, 26 percent were unfamiliar with the concept of sustainability, and 13 percent were undecided (Richter and Schumacher 2011, p. 26). In discussing their results, the researchers speculate that their data on this "subset of the population under study" may be ...

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