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A 7 page research paper that, first of all, offers a comprehensive summation of the plot of The Tempest. Then, the writer discusses overall Shakespearean background, compares The Tempest to other Shakespearean plays and discusses how to classify this play, arguing that it is not what modern audiences would define as a comedy. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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it abounds in symbolism that suggests the ways in which his Elizabethan audiences perceived the role of the monarchy, as well as the characteristics of an ideal ruler. Plot overview A storm arises, which threatens the ship carrying Alonzo, the King of Naples and his son Ferdinand, his heir; Antonio, the Duke of Milan; Sebastian, the brother of Alonso; and Gonzalo, an honest adviser and councilor to Alonso. These nobles are on their way home to Italy after attending the wedding of Alonzos daughter to the prince of Tunis. Those on board the ship begin to fear for their lives due to the violence of the storm. The next scene has Prospero and his daughter Miranda standing on the shore and observing the recent shipwreck. Miranda implores her father to help the poor souls on board and Prospero assures her that all is well. He then reveals that he caused the storm and explains by telling Miranda of her past. Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan, but was usurped by his brother Antonio, who conspired with the King of Naples. However, with the aid of Gonzalo, Prospero escaped with Miranda and his books, which are the source of his magical power. This was twelve years ago, and now Prospero sees the opportunity to obtain justice. He charms Miranda into a deep sleep and summons the sprite Ariel, who is Prosperos magical agent. Ariel not only brought the storm, but also has seen the crew safely to the island, although they are separated from each, having come ashore in small groups at different locations. Ariel reminds Prospero that he promised the sprite his freedom. This reveals something of the history of the islands inhabitants, as Ariel was imprisoned in a tree by the witch Sycorax, the mother ...

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