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Shakespeare's Ideas About the Concept of Sovereignty

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This 5 page paper examines The Tempest and Henry V and assesses how each interprets the concept of sovereignty. The utilization of symbolism in The Tempest is also discussed. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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man knew so much about royalty. In fact, people do not just wonder about it. Some have delved into serious research on the authorship of Shakespeares plays. In fact, there is such an interest in this topic that an entire organization dedicates itself to the documentation and establishment of Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford, as the actual author of the works of William Shakespeare (Verius PG). The authorship problem in summary suggests that a conspiracy might be a factor; it also contends that it would be unlikely for William Shakespeare to have authored the works. Much of the debate surrounds Shakespeares position in life. He was not of royal blood. Whether or not Shakespeare is the actual author or not--and many believe he is--does not take away from the fact that these plays, presumably written by one man, each have different takes on the matter of sovereignty and how kingship should be viewed. To demonstrate this point, the plays Henry V and The Tempest will be compared. The thesis of this paper is that Shakespeare did not have one view of sovereignty, but rather a meld of opinions that would be conveyed in his various works. Henry V is a Shakespearean play that happens to be a continuation from Henry IV, and is reality based. In the play, King Henry wants to have the thrown of France and somehow is able to render it impossible for a woman to have it. This gives young Henry more of a fighting chance as it knocks out female competitors. Within the context of the work, there is an attempt on his life and Henry orders the execution of several men and there is a call that the crown be given over to the English ruler. ...

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