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Religion in the Schools

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A 4 page discussion of the controversy surrounding teaching religion in our schools. This paper reviews the pros and cons as is reflected in case law. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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what is appropriate to teach in the schools it becomes even more controversial. As a society it seems that we are moving further and further away from some of the most basic aspects of civilization. This is certainly true in regard religion. Where at one time our schools proudly included prayer in every days activities and even went to great lengths to incorporate religion into some of the curriculum, today it seems that more and more effort is being expended to exclude religion in any form from our schools. The intent of this paper is to review the pros and cons of teaching religion in the schools. The emphasis will be made, however, that not only is religion an integral part of our own humanness, it is also something that is needed to help us overcome sin. As might be expected, numerous philosophers have considered the importance of religion. Immanuel Kants categorical imperative of reason, in fact, is largely prefaced on the existence of a higher power and the importance of that power to our everyday lives. Despite the obvious importance of religion in our lives, however, many resent religion being taught in our schools. While a number of reasons are put forth to justify this stance, the legalities of teaching religion in the school are often touted among the primary reasons that there should be a distinct line of demarcation between the religion and government. This argument suggests that a separation between church and state is something that was intended by the framers of our young nation themselves. Most of the effort to ban religion from our schools, however, centers around a very poor understanding of just what it was that our framers ...

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