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Religion and Same Sex Marriages

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An 8 page paper which examines how Fundamentalist Islam and Christians feel about same sex marriages. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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offensive and against religious laws as well as government laws. For the most part, people in the United States are fully aware of the Christian stand taken on same sex marriages, as well as homosexuality. In many ways it serves as the foundation for the government being so dead set against allowing same sex marriages. Interestingly enough, however, the views from Islam are very similar, and often even based on the same sort of scriptural law. The following paper examines the foundations of fundamental Islam, then discusses their stance on same sex marriages (as well as homosexuality). The paper then addresses the fundamental Catholic stance on same sex marriages and homosexuality. The paper is concluded with a comparison of the two, and a personal perspective on the issue. The point of the paper, however, is to illustrate how Fundamentalist Muslims and Christians are against same sex marriage, because of the moral rules of their religion according to their respective scriptures. Religion and Same Sex Marriage The Islam religion begins when the Prophet Muhammed began speaking, apparently without his control, the words of God, or Allah. It was believed that he was not creating any new religion, but rather giving more foundation to the religion the people already possessed. What was different was the book that he would begin to orally present, the Qoran which came out of his mouth verse by verse for 21 years (Armstrong, 2002; 4). What came about was a new sect of the Muslim people, Islam which means surrender (Armstrong, 2002; 5). Interestingly enough, Islam originally held to the belief that to try and theologically speculate about truth and the Qorans word. It was the duty of the individual to simply follow the laws of the Qoran and ...

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