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This 8 page paper considers the rights of refugees and asylum seekers on the UK, including those with exceptional leave to remain and those at risk. The paper considers the implications of the Asylum policies enacted from Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and Nationality and the Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 and how these impact on the role of the social worker working with these individuals. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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will often have left everything they own behind and may have been fleeing for their life. Problems such as post traumatic stress syndrome and trauma are common. Therefore, whatever the political views held, there is a requirement for help to be granted to asylum seekers and refugees. When considering the term asylum seekers and refugees, these are often used interchangeably, however, for any professional in the field there is a difference. The claims made for asylum are made under the United Nations Convention (1951) relating to Refugees, while a claim is being made the individual is an asylum seeker, once the asylum is granted they become a recognised refugee. However when looking at the implications for social workers there are some differences as well as many similarities. The problem with social care providers to refugees and asylum seekers is the way in which there is a great deal of confusion over their rights of the individuals and the obligations of the state (Community Care, 2002). The care levels have been criticised, not only due to the lack of understanding and the resulting confusion, but also for the way in which they are provided with little input from the end user (Cragg, 2000). Implication for social work practice in working with refugees (recognised status) The granting of refugee status to an asylum seeker may be seen as increasing the duty of the social services department. It has been argued that the role of social services has not been sufficiently inclusive, and without a welcoming approach and a positive attitude towards asylum seekers they will become excluded and children will grow up uneducated and insecure, storing personal and social problems for a later date (Alibbai-Brown, 2000). It may be argued that although the Asylum policies enacted from Immigration ...

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