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Questions and Answers on the Political System

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This 6 page paper provides three answers to questions posed by a student in essay form. Each individual two page essay addresses the following topics: Evolution of the Party System, the Emergence of the Modern Electoral System, and Interest Groups and the Public Good. Theories are discussed and examples are included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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political parties, political parties rapidly became integral to the functioning of the American political system. First, define the three key functions of political parties: party-in-government, party-in-the electorate, and party organization. Second, discuss the three categories of problems Aldrich argues parties attempt to solve. Third, discuss the development of political parties in the United States from the early elite period through the mass party period to the modern post-alignment system, identifying the most significant features and patterns of each of the three stages, and discussing how electoral realignments determine which party will control government and what focus the dominant parties will take while in control. Use specific, detailed examples to support your historical analysis. Conclude your essay by taking a position on whether parties have grown stronger or weaker in importance in American politics. Answer: Political parties have been both helpful and harmful to government today. On one hand, they seem to divide the public, but on the other, they serve a fundamental purpose. The three key functions of political parties are the party-in-government, party-in-the electorate, and the party organization. These are the individuals who are elected, the voters in the election, and the party as an entity respectively. Political parties function to keep like-minded people together and have a sense of purpose, but many believe that they are divisive, particularly in respect to the two party system that has evolved in the United States of America. Aldrich (1995) argues that political parties serve three primary functions. Essentially, the political parties take on an important role in government which is to get out the vote and make sure that people do go to the voting booths (Aldrich, 1995). Many are familiar with the get out the vote campaigns which are ...

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