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Presidential Power and Balancing the Budget

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This 3 page paper outlines the process of preparing the national budget. The author emphasizes that the President's power is largely limited in this process. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Presidential Power and Balancing the Budget by Anita Cheek Moon May 2010 paper properly! In many respects presidential power in the US is limited. It is kept in check by a number of factors such as other key political players and the environment in which a President is serving. An additional factor, of course, is the structure of the political system itself. While this structure and many of the political provisions which serve to keep presidential power in check have been in place since the formation of the Constitution itself, other provisions have been put in place over the history of our country as the need arose. The flexibility of our governmental system is thus the most important mechanism we have at our disposal to insure that the power of our president never escalates to a level which places our country in danger of loosing our most cherished attribute, the attribute of the people holding the real power of the nation in their own hands. Never-the-less, the President of the US does have tremendous influence in this country. Consider, for example, the new budget being introduced by Baraq Obama. As Keith emphasizes "the power to formulate and submit the budget is a vital tool in the Presidents direction of the executive branch and of national policy". The national budget is prepared in the Executive Office in the Executive Division. The ...

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