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A 2 page paper that examines the technique of issue analysis in persuasive writing. The issue of the commercial interests involved in popular film and television content is examined, and suggestions on the presentation and argument of this issue are exemplified. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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this were not true, this would not be the content that dominates the film and television industry of today. I am in complete agreement that commercial success is the one defining factor that controls the characteristics of todays popular entertainment. I also agree, however, with the current general consensus that questions the reasons why this factor continues to dominate the modern entertainment media in spite of evidence that clearly shows that this type of content has a detrimental effect on society, especially the youth of society. In 1994, a popular Oliver Stone film production entitled Natural Born Killers, a film that focused on the public idolization of two crazed killers, opened to packed theaters across America. The following year, a similarly themed film based on the Jim Carroll book The Basketball Diaries and carrying the same name opened to an equally eager audience. This film included a dream sequence in which two high school students acted out their fantasy of murderous revenge on a selected group of teachers and classmates that they felt had slighted them (Bloomberg News, 1999). Four years later, in April of 1999, two students of Colorados Columbine High School walked on campus and opened fire on a predetermined list of students and teachers in a tragic event that almost an exact carbon copy imitation of scenes from both of these films. This incident leaves little doubt that the content of these films had a direct impression and influence on the actions of these two student gunmen. This incident, among a growing number of others similar to it, has refocused Americas attention on the content presented by the modern film and television industry and the potential dangerous influence this content holds. An enraged American public has begun to question the integrity ...

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