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Overbearing Religion in the Middle Ages

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A 5 page paper discussing the church involvement in daily life and political activity allowing the church ultimately to assume an importance in the lives of the people that left them no alternative but to live by the rules set forth by the church. Monks, priests, nuns and all others connected with church leadership were to be supported by the local community, and they were to be blindly obeyed as they possessed divine communication with God Himself, something not available – according to church teachings – to the common people. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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four books of Chronicles and Kings give a history of the Hebrews after Moses led them out of Egypt and they wandered in the desert for 40 years. Only after all members of the generation escaping Egypt had died did God allow the Hebrews to cross into the Promised Land, under the leadership of Joshua, Moses replacement as leader of the people. Gods instruction was to take the city of Jericho and then fan out into the landscape, eliminating all residents already present. The Hebrews could see no reason to act so harshly; they allowed the passive to live, eventually intermarrying with them and adopting modifications of their paganism. The purpose here is to show that the church of the Middle Ages was parasitic and overbearing. Emergence of Structure The early Christian church knew the history well and was determined not to allow the same fate to befall those believing in Jesus as the Messiah for which the Jews still wait today. Church leaders set themselves up as guardians of the faith, establishing laws never mentioned in the Bible and demanding they be supported by parishioners. By the Middle Ages, most of Europe still lived under feudalism; that which did not was purely barbaric. There was no civic or political structure banding people together aside from the many kingdoms that constantly were challenged in their right to exist in the form that they held. The fall of the Roman Empire had destroyed political structure to the point that it had not survived, and it had not been reborn by the time of the Middle Ages. ...

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