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Outline: The Western Way of War

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This single page is an outline for the following paper on the way the Western powers wage war, arguing that their traditional techniques are inadequate in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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and Afghanistan DISCUSSION Discuss Parkers five foundational principles in detail One: Superior technology - why this has proven ineffective, particularly in Afghanistan Two: Discipline - examine discipline in US forces Three: Military tradition - why theory is not evolving quickly enough in these theaters Four: Ability to change military practice to meet current needs - Is the US doing this? Five: Financing - Explore Parkers thinking on capitalist societies and their need to stockpile weapons to wage war - Is this helping or hurting US efforts? Add additional sources to amplify each of these points CONCLUSION Outline: The Western Way of War By Karla Von Huben, October 2010 properly. OUTLINE INTRODUCTION Introduce ...

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