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Marketing Plan For Small Start-Up Business

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A 7 page paper that focuses on marketing a new business - a microbrewery. Topics include: an introduction, the product life cycle marketing concept, marketing mix using the 4 Ps, and demographics of the target market. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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both the lunch and dinner crowds. In 1998, more than 200 new breweries opened in this country. That brought the total to more than 1,300 nationwide. Interestingly enough, this sector of the industry is open to networking, learning and asking questions. There are a number of reasons for the attitudes among microbrewers. The industry is still young enough that competitors want to see each other succeed. The demand for microbreweries is greater than the supply at this time. Many entrepreneurs who establish a microbrewery have left jobs in the corporate world. The cutthroat competitive atmosphere has left most of them wanting to be in a business where competitors help each other rather than trying to hurt each other (Flying Fish Beer Company, 1999). Whatever the reason or combination of reasons for the friendliness among microbrewers, the new entrant can take advantage of it, join in and basically belong to a group of business people who celebrate others successes. This creates an ideal environment for the new microbrewer. There are few businesses where owners are so willing to share and learn from each other. This paper describes some of the aspects of opening a new business, specifically focusing on the marketing issues. Marketing Concept The product life cycle concept is a model that shows the unit sales trend of a specific product from the time it is first placed on the market until it is removed from the market, if it is removed. It is sometimes depicted in a bell- or S-shaped curve, divided into several time-oriented stages. The length of any stage and the shape of the overall curve varies from product to product but most follow some sort of product life cycle curve (Rink, Roden and Fox, 1999). Many writers discuss a four-stage ...

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