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Marketing A Health Business in Japan

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This 5 page paper considers how a company may enter the Japanese market. The writer considers the marketing mix after identifying the target audience and then looking at the most effective and economic way of reaching this market. The bibliography cites 6 sources.

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market in their home country and wish to expand, They have identified a market that they feel able to approach, and have developed the idea of a franchise strategy to gain entry into this market. However, they do not have a strategy for the way in which they wish to promote the business in Japan and how it will be presented. There are many international issues in business that will impact on the way business is conducted, language difference may be the most obvious, but they are not the only differences. The culture of two difference countries will also be of importance in the way trade is negotiated and conducted and the manner in which decision are made. The culture will embody the aspects such as morals, ethics as well a as social and cultural aspersions and expectations and fashions. When we consider whether an adaptation or a standardisation technique approach should be adopted we need to look at the country and its attitudes internationally as well as internationally. National identity is a phenomenon which is seen in many countries. It is reflected by the media in serious and less serious issues, we can even argue that the media encourages nationalism. Examples of an outward demonstration of nationalism resulting in a feeling of national identity can be seen by the way we will support our own country in the Olympic Games, jumping to its defence if it is criticised. A high degree of nationalism may lead to a resentment or rejection of anything that appears to conflict with these ideals. However, when we look at Japan there is a nationalist idea, but there is also a very string emphasise on terms of the way the external countries are seen. The way that the country developed after the war ...

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