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Marine Biology's Benefit to Modern Agriculture

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This 3 page report discusses the ways in which knowledge from the field of marine biology has a positive impact on agricultural concerns. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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working on this project can easily point out that the deep blue sea and the farm could not be more different. And yet, research into marine biology has served modern agriculture over the past several decades. For example, marine biologists have determined that there are viable and important ways in which "aquaculture" can help in meeting the food needs of underfed people throughout the world. Fish "Farming" and Fish Food Work done at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)in Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 2003, has demonstrated that it is possible to: "... address the critical need for a nutritious, plant-based diet for aquacultured fish being raised in the poverty-striken country [Haiti]" (p. NA). The scientists also believe that if their efforts prove successful, it will be possible to apply such science in other to other tropical countries whose populations face numerous problems related to malnutrition (p. NA). A missionary group in Haiti has created a fish hatchery raising tilapia. Tilapia are described as being: "fast-growing, robust fish, efficient at converting plant protein into high quality flesh" (p. NA). The student should explain in their paper that, in other words, such fish offer an excellent food source. However, the commercial fish food necessary for the tilapia is: "... expensive, spoils rapidly, and is difficult to transport in Haitis rural mountain areas" (p. NA). Experts in aquaculture engineering, fish husbandry, fish physiology at the MBL have developed a fish food that Haitians can "produce themselves using indigenous non-endangered or threatened Haitian plants as the necessary protein base" (p. NA). Clearly, this can serve as one example of the ways in which different aspects of marine biology as applied to agriculture (both in raising the fish and creating a food source for them) can result in ...

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