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“Lesbian Mothers: Accounts of Gender in American Culture” by Ellen Lewin

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A 6 page book report on Ellen Lewin’s “Lesbian Mothers: Accounts of Gender in American Culture.” No additional sources cited.

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about what their lives and their role as parents truly involves. For the most part we hear about societys opinion of lesbian woman, with many lesbian women losing custody of their children when they admit to being lesbians. This is one of the most powerful reasons why works such as Ellen Lewins "Lesbian Mothers: Accounts of Gender in American Culture" seem so important and relevant. With so much criticism in the society, it is very useful to have real research that fully illustrates how and why, and even if, lesbian mothers are different than other mothers. The following paper offers a book report on Lewins work Lesbian Mothers Lewins research involves the study of not only lesbian mothers, but single heterosexual mothers as well. The interviews involved 73 lesbian mothers and 62 heterosexual mothers who were single. In presenting us with this sort of foundation for the research we are immediatley provided with an understanding that the research will not just be research which illustrates that lesbian mothers are different. What this foundation does is put the reader in a position where they are forced to see that lesbian mothers are mothers and that this is the most important issue when dealing with the social stigma attached to lesbians. And, by presenting the reader with both sides, so to speak, a reader cannot immediately start stereotyping the results as they apply to lesbian mothers. By having the research offer up incredibly similar results for the heterosexual women, the reader is forced to truly see that lesbian mothers are perhaps, first and foremost, women and mothers. Lewin wanted to study both lesbian mothers and heterosexual mothers in an attempt to see if there were differences, and in order to truly delve into what they may have in common. The ...

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