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Heracles and the 'Twelve Labors' - The Better Story

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A 5 page paper discussing Heracles [later renamed 'Hercules ' by the Romans]. The themes of the stories and adventures of Heracles have all the makings of a great action/adventure television show. Bibliography lists four sources.

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Heres the story . . . top dog in the political world takes a fancy to a woman while her husband is out of town. The powerful guy "has his way" with the lonely wife and she has a baby boy. Theres the usual fuss about the situation and the kid is known by several different names, depending on whos telling the story. The really amazing thing is that the kid is extremely lucky, extremely handsome, and extremely strong. The first time anybody really notices this is when he strangles to serpents that some jealous deity has sent to kill him. With the right treatment, it could work for Arnold or Sly Stallone, you know, looking back at their life and adventures. Special effects, the right soundtrack . . . it could be killer, babe. If we pitch it for the small screen, we use one of the guys whos had bit parts in "90210" or even one of the young studs on daytime. Im tellin you, babe, its got potential! Heracles, who the Romans called "Hercules," is probably the most well-known of all the mythological. He has always served as the perfect focus for a story-teller. Because of his strength, courage, endurance, and good nature, he was viewed in ancient Greek and Roman times as an ideal of human fortitude and virtue. Heracles name ("glory, i.e., glorious gift of Hera"), proves that he was originally a man, real or imaginary, for no god has a name that is a derivative of another gods name (Duckworth and Rose PG). Throughout history, Heracles has ...

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