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HIV/AIDS: psychological factors relating to health promotion and public relations campaigns

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A paper which considers the psychological aspects of HIV/AIDS, and how these might be taken into account in health promotion and public health campaigns. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

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account in health promotion and public health campaigns, we would need to consider HIV/AIDS not only from the perspective of those who suffer from it, but also from the viewpoint of the population in general. It is therefore useful to bear in mind that public perceptions of HIV/AIDS will tend to vary from one part of the world to another, depending on various cultural and social elements, and that this will affect the kind of psychological factors which are relevant. As a result, the kind of health promotion initiatives which are most likely to be effective will depend on how well they address these factors. We could begin, therefore, by considering the way HIV/AIDS is perceived in the western world, in particular the UK and the US, and how this perception is affected by gender, ethnic and other variations within the general population. For example, it appears to be a common misconception amongst the general public in Britain, even today, that HIV/AIDS is a condition which affects primarily gay men and is therefore not a matter for concern amongst heterosexuals. This is something which events such as World Aids Day have attempted to counter, as well as making it clear that HIV/AIDS is not only an issue which affects other countries but is also very relevant to residents of the UK. The latter concept has probably been reinforced by the involvement of UK delegates to the UN (UK Mission to the United Nations, 2003) where the emphasis is on aid which is sent overseas to countries such as Africa, where HIV/AIDS has a much higher profile than in the UK itself. Conversely, the emphasis which is placed ...

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