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God in Traditional African Religions

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A 6 page paper which examines God in traditional African religions prior to 1800. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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possesses many different religions, especially when looking at the various traditional religions in the history of Africa. The following paper examines God, and the concept of God, in traditional African religions prior to 1800. God in Traditional African Religions One can actually go far back in African history, to ancient Egypt, and see that there is a long history of various concepts regarding God, or various gods, as is perhaps the case with a large portion of the world. One can also understand that prior to the 1800s there were many Europeans who entered into Africa and influenced various tribes and regions in relationship to Christianity and monotheism. And, before Christianity was the influence of Islam. In looking at Africa it is noted that it "is a big place, with 51 independent countries today, and hundreds of independent tribes before... and each one has its own way to practice religion!" (Dominguez). There is generally considered to be the lighter North Africans and the darker, "Black", Africans that exist everywhere else in Africa (Dominguez). In relationship to their varied religions this author presents some information in the following: "Their primitive religions are based on nature worship, and may have in common the 3 kind of occultism: Divination, witchcraft (magic) and spiritism, with the sacrifice of animals, and sometimes of humans, to calm the gods-demons; and reverence for the ancestors... often, the head of the tribe, or the Pharos, is the god, though in each tribe there may be many gods-demons" (Dominguez). This sort of religion is basically referred to as animism and although there are many Muslims (north) and Christians (south) there are still many Africans, 40% ...

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