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Firewall Software and Routers for Enterprise Business Security

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This 6 page report discusses information security of enterprise businesses with a focus on firewall protections. Firewalls are computer network devices that protect a network from other “less trusted” networks. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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vulnerabilities of such systems. By extension, this then requires that the best possible firewall software and router systems be in place in order to assure protection from information being hijacked, unwanted information being sent forward, and the possibility that an individual computer or network of computers could be irreparably damaged. Simply put, firewalls are computer network devices that protect a network from other "less trusted" networks. In addition, it is important to understand that one "fix" never solves a problem once and for all. Just as computer technology becomes more advances so do the skills and technologies of those intent on breaking into somebody elses system. The most recent concern, according Karpinski (2002) is that "firewall and routing platforms lack the ability to intelligently process XML content" but he goes on to explain that: "Not surprisingly, a new class of technology and products has risen up to fill this void" (pp. NA). It is clearly not enough to have the newest technology to use. One also has to have the newest technology that protects what it is that is being used. The problems inherent with assuring such protection are multiplied for an enterprise business in which it is essential to manage multiple firewalls for the many different components of the organizations e-infrastructure Why are Firewalls and Routers Needed? Applications of firewall software range in capabilities from filtering accessibility to porn sites (or the porn sites accessibility to) public schools and libraries, protecting home and business with computers using high-speed Internet connections from being infected with any number of viruses or from having the security of information stored in their computers or intranets from being compromised. Information from ICSA Labs website explains that: "Most often, firewalls are placed at the network boundary to protect an organization from the great, unwashed ...

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