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This 4 page paper discusses how feature writing varies from typical 'news' reporting. Examples given. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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which writers utilize to further their message or examine an issue, the type of work, commonly non-fiction, which appears in newspapers and magazines, bring to the fore the insight of a novelist coupled with the intensity of a journalist. In feature writing the story is the thing, and yet, one has to state that without the formal structure of the piece, the story can become diluted. Feature stories are more than a reporting of the facts in a clinical, detached manner. Rather, feature writing tends to humanize the facts, go into more depth on a matter, and seems to serve as a fleshing out of a story that has previously been reported. In the news industry hard hitting stories such as the death of a president, or the local tax rallies are generally called hard news stories. Soft news stories are generally those news stories which cover the lifestyles of rich and famous, or perhaps the local agenda for the high school pep squad in their annual drive for diabetes. These soft stories are generally made into features. Feature writing varies from news writing in that it takes the facts and focuses more on the human interest rather than the simple reporting of the facts. For example, a news story may read something like: "Margee Williams of 29 Williams Street secured her 100th win at Westminster Dog Show in February". That is a simple reporting of the facts, and people move on to other top news stories. However, in a features story, the opening paragraph may read a bit differently, though the facts have not changed. It may read: "At the age of 75, Margee Williams had but one last dream: to win one more time at the Westminster Dog Show, bringing her all around total wins ...

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