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Exhibits from the National Women’s History Museum

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A 5 page paper which discusses three different exhibits from the National Women’s History Museum. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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the aspect of womens history. While any museum of history will have women within its exhibits, a museum dedicated to women truly gives the viewer a better overall understanding of how important women have been in history. The following paper visits this museum, online, and discusses three exhibits within. The exhibits discussed are Chinese American Women, A History of Resilience and Resistance, Claiming Their Citizenship: African American Women from 1624-2009, and Clandestine Women: Spies in American History. Exhibits from the National Womens History Museum The first exhibit, Chinese American Women, A History of Resilience and Resistance, is a fascinating topic in light of the fact that it seems to be an aspect of womens history in the United States that seems very lacking in attention. Many people know of the numerous Chinese men who came to the country and worked (and died) on such endeavors as the railroad but no history seems to address the women, although they did not nearly number the Chinese men that arrived. This exhibit examines the small population of women and first discusses how they immigrated, stating, "Most of the first Chinese women arrived in the American West, were kidnapped and sold in "dens" to work as enslaved prostitutes" (National Womens History Museum, 2011). However it is also noted that there were also very brave and courageous Chinese women who came to the United States for the gold rush as well. In many instances the Chinese women suffered the same fate as the Chinese men of the times. For example, once towns were established, with the help of Chinese workers, they were often pushed out of town, even forcibly. "In February 1885, the townspeople of Eureka rounded up over 250 Chinese American men and approximately 50 Chinese American women in one brutal ...

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