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This 5 page paper explores the inherent gendered nature of language and illustrates this concept with specific examples. This paper provides a real-life scenario as well as the outcome of that scenario in which the gendered nature of language played a significant role. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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and very touching, but what was particularly striking about the event was the language that the couple used to express their love to one another. I noticed very different words being used by the woman and the man, which revealed to me very evident gender biases that are prominent in our culture. I noticed how the bride spoke of "taking care" of her husband and "helping" him when he was in need. She made the statement that she wanted to give him many healthy children and that she would always provide a warm home for him to come home to. Conversely, the personal sentiments of the groom were very different. He spoke about how he wanted to "provide" for her and how he would always "protect" her. He also said that he loved her "soft and gentle ways". It was clear to me that the differences in the language that they chose to use to express their personal sentiments were very much influenced by gender, and the expectations that are associated with their gender identities. Clearly, the woman in this situation spoke at far greater length about taking care of her man and of nurturing the home and the family. It was apparent to me that her sense of femininity and womanhood were very much enmeshed with her ability to care for the home and family. She was intent on being the cornerstone of the family from a nurturing point of view, and the words she chose reflected this ideal. Furthermore, her word choices were of a somewhat submissive nature, indicating that there was a very subconscious belief that they were not necessarily equals ...

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