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A three page biography of Hemingway, showing parallels between his life and his works. Also included are three short original reviews of articles on Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises." Bibliography lists six sources.

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him to test his mettle against forces that threaten to overwhelm him. Clearly Hemingway invented this figure as much for his own life -- as an ideal to live up to, and to measure other men by -- as for his fiction. The Hemingway hero is a very macho man, who enjoys women, drinking and physical action. His physicality generally revolves in some sense around war, bloodletting, and fighting. And this was very much the persona Hemingway created for himself as well, but it may not have been the whole story. Hemingway was born in Oak Park, IL on July 21, 1899. It was from his father, a physician, that he inherited his love for outdoor activities sports, camping, hunting, fishing, and boating. The young Ernest played football and boxed in high school. Despite a checkered school record (he ran away from home several times), he graduated in 1916 and immediately left for Kansas City to enlist in the Army, hoping to be sent overseas to fight in World War I. He got a job at the Kansas City Star as a reporter until he was able to convince a Red Cross ambulance unit to take him on as a driver, and at last he made it to the front in Europe. He was seriously wounded in Italy, and incurred nearly a dozen operations to restore complete function to his knee, which was now surmounted with an aluminum kneecap. He also met a beautiful American nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky, served as the model for the heroine of his later novel A Farewell to Arms ("Kurowsky," agnes-von-kurowsky.html). Decorated for bravery (recklessness is probably more like it), he returned to the front and finished out the war. After the war, he drifted between Canada and the Midwest, finally marrying and ...

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