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This 3-page paper answers questions about suburban sprawl and state sovereignty rights in the wake of Bush v Gore in 2000. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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The word "sprawl" as it pertains to suburbs, first appeared in print in 1955, in a London Times article that pointed to a "great sprawl" on the edge of the city (Rybczynski, 2007). Ten years later, an article in Land Economics defined sprawl as "areas of essentially urban character at the urban fringe but which are scattered or strung-out or surrounded by...underdeveloped sites or agricultural uses" (Rybczynski, 2007). These days, however, many define sprawl as congested streets, concrete landscapes and mile after mile of densely-packed retail stores, office buildings and apartment, seemingly stacked one on top of each other. In the 19th century, mass transit allowed for developments on the periphery of communities - but only a few could really afford to take advantage of it (Rybczynski, 2007). However, the 20th century brought the automobile, and following World War II, as veterans returned home and credit was suddenly cheap to afford homes, the suburbs were born. Due to lax planning and runaway development, sprawl began, bringing with it the need for better infrastructure (in roads). Some comment that sprawl has also cost cities in other ways - the sense of community that established neighborhoods is gone, lost in the concrete jungles of the latest big-box development and six-lane "main street." What, then, is the best way to deal with sprawl? How do we prevent it in the future? There is the "new urbanism" trend thats going back to the live-work-play environment within a few square blocks; kind of like cities used to be. The difficulty, of course, is training people to think back to their own childhoods with such a concept; a time during which people ...

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