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A 7 page essay that takes the form of four journal entries that each address aspects of Beverly Donofrio's biography Riding in Cars with Boys. The first 2 pages address the writer's personal reaction to Donofrio (i.e., disapproval). The next 2 pages discuss Donofrio as a mother. The next 2 pages discuss her relationship with her father and the final page discusses what she meant by saying that her son turned out to be a "blessing rather than a curse." No additional sources cited.

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and, most importantly, forgive her, which is something that she cannot quite manage to do as memories of how she has raised her son--or not raised him--come back to haunt her. The student researching this topic is urged to express a personal opinion on Donofrio, but this writer/tutor does not like her very much. Specifically, I do not like the portrait that Donofrio paints of herself as an adolescent. She sounds rude, ungrateful, inconsiderate and totally obnoxious. The one redeeming quality of Donofrios account is that it is told from her later perspective as the intelligent adult that she, finally, became. Nevertheless, the belligerent, self-righteously arrogant adolescent/young adult that she was is not a very likeable person. For example, after becoming a teenage mother and marrying her deadbeat boyfriend, against her parents advice, she gets busted and arrested for drug possession. Throughout all of her problems, her parents stand by her and support her--even though they do act like parents from time-to-time and point out her obvious mistakes. Finally, Donofrio starts to pull her life together, gets accepted into a good university and begins attending classes. This combines with feminist consciousness raising experiences and the result is that Donofrio is still obnoxious but in an effete, quasi-intelligentsia sort of way. She records how, being angry at her father for not shaking hands with her friends, shows up at her parents home in a "see-through blouse" and strikes up a conversation with her mother concerning porno shops. Her father, hearing his, leaves the room and the Giants game he was watching. "This was the first time in memory my father had ever abandoned a Giants game. I considered it a victory" (Donofrio 167). This is not funny, understandable or the actions of a mature person. At this ...

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