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Descriptive Essay: Emotional Qualities Of An Individual

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3 pages in length. The writer briefly discusses how Andrew finds safety by going inside himself in order to avoid the psychological pain of breaking up with a woman. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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himself from being drawn out of this emotional cocoon, but he establishes a precedent that will occur with each subsequent break up. In this situation it is important to determine whether the connection made between behavior and cognitive values is such that Andrews motivation for acting in this manner is more likely due to his personal desire to do so or is dependent upon automatic reaction/stimulation. The significant distinction in his emotional response when depression sets in if the person did nothing wrong to promote the breakup -- as opposed to not feeling depressed if he considered the girlfriend not right for him -- illustrates the guilt he feels by initiating the breakup. Andrew looks upon the woman who did not promote the breakup as an innocent victim of his decision to end the relationship, which ultimately fuels his depression. The woman who was not a right fit may experience the same hurt but does not warrant Andrews guilt since he can justify the breakup as occurring because of incompatibility. In short, the latter situation is not viewed as his fault and, thereby, warrants no emotional tie. Suppression of feelings is a common human approach to dealing with unpleasant situations, however, the extent to which Andrew has mastered this defense mechanism is both grand and far-reaching; that he shuts down in order to get through the psychological pain inherent to relationship breakups speaks to his tendency to become emotionally numb until that pain has subsided. The prominent emotion for Andrew is disassociation - the ability to detach from normally occurring feelings - which is illustrated by his ability to shut down his emotions and remain that way until the perceived threat of painful feelings is not longer looming. ...

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