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Communication and the Communications Professional

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The role of a communications profession, whether in marketing, journalism or PR, is to communicate a set message so that it is understood b the target audience. This 3 page paper considers how professional communicators can undertake this task and why it is important they understand how the audience will receive the message. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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this maybe because it maybe noticeable due to outstanding images, sounds or headlines alternatively it may be perceived as important or interesting. Noise may prevent this message being received, noise may be physical noise, but it may also be other life events, such of competing media, personal conversation or just everyday life distractions. The role of the communication profession is to break through the noise and communicate the messages they are paid to communicate so that the message is heard by the desired audience. The basic of this are the same for a professional in any country, form the UEA to the US, the only difference may be the environment in which it occurs and the adaptations that are necessary due to that environment. Communisations professionals cover a range of jobs, they may be the journalist wiring news articles or presenting the news on television. They may have a PR task such as persuading stakeholders that a company is environmentally friendly and cares about social issues or they may have a more direct task such as telling a target market why a brand of shampoo is good and persuading them to buy it. These are all different tasks, but all have similar duties in terms of the role they perform. All have to abide by the laws of the land, all have to take into account the culture in which they operate and all have to work within the social structures so that their message may be heard. The role is to send a message so it is heard by the relevant parties then sending the message itself may be simple, it is making sure it is heard by those it is designed for that may be more difficult. There is a need to consider how the ...

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