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Communication Issues in Education: A Call for the Requirement for Standardized English in the Classroom Setting

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A 7 page discussion of the importance of communication in the educational environment. The author contends that communication is one of the most formidable obstacles facing non-whites in education. This paper calls for a abolishment of such non-mainstream communication styles as ebonics and an educational environment which inspires and motivates a student to accept standardized English. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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Many ethnic groups face a number of cultural barriers to receiving an adequate education. Some of the most formidable of these revolve around communication. African Americans perhaps epitomize these concerns. They, like many races and ethnicities which differ from the dominant cultural group in the U.S., tend to live and socialize in communities and groups which are defined primarily by their ethnic and racial identification. For young blacks, in particular, this isolation has presented a number of problems in regard to communication. They have developed a way of communicating, now termed ebonics, which is essentially foreign to mainstream America. Consequently, every aspect of their interrelationship with the mainstream has been hampered to a certain degree. The impact is particularly noticeable in the educational environment and had incited considerable debate about how to deal with it. To a large degree we have turned to our black educators and leaders to decide how to deal with the issues of ebonics. Even here, however, there is considerable division about how to proceed. The most logical way of dealing with communication problems in education, however, is to require standard English and to inspire and motivate students so that they are agreeable to learning proper communication/ The term "ebonics" was coined by linguist Robert L. Williams in 1975 by combining the words ebony and phonics (Heilbrunn, 1998; Todd, 1997). It is a linguistic phenomenon which is shared by blacks in the U.S. and the Caribbean alike (Everybodys: The Caribbean-American Magazine, 1998). Ebonics has invoked considerable controversy in the last few years, in fact it has resulted in widespread laughter and satire (Leo, 1997). While the expectation might be that ...

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