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Colonialism in Shakespeare's, "The Tempest":

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This 3 page paper explores Shakespeare's "The Tempest" in order to analyze how this author communicated his ideas about colonialism. This paper furthermore draws significant parallels between the story and the real-life situation of Puerto Rico and their historical issues with colonialism. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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a society and the implementation of a new social order. While the means by which this is accomplished in Shakespeares version is quite magical, there are many similarities that can be drawn to real-life modern-day colonialism, such as Puerto Rico. It is clear to see in this story how devoted to renaissance ideals Shakespeare was (Shakespeares "Tempest"). This story highlights a number of indicative qualities such as the emphasis that is placed on practical living, the debate about the free will of man, and the significance that is placed on learning (Shakespeares "Tempest"). However, the whole issue of colonialism is perhaps best illustrated in the character of Prospero, who is a duke (and a ruler) but even as such is a complete and utter failure. And yet, Prospero overtook Caliban who was ruler at one time (or at least believed himself to be) and in doing so became associated with the foundation of colonialism (The Tempest as a Study of Colonialism). Similarly, the same could be said of Puerto Rico, as it eventually became a part of the United States because of colonialist influences. Consider also the European descent of Prospero and his belief that by taking over the rule of Caliban, he can "help" the people and bring "civilization" to them (The Tempest as a Study of Colonialism). It is typical of the colonialist perspective that exerting ones authority is beneficial for the people because they "need" what the colonialist is bringing (The Tempest as a Study of Colonialism). In fact, the way that Prospero is able to keep the control that he forces upon the people is through threats, spells and promises that ...

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