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Church Committee & Influence of Watergate

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A 15 page research paper that discusses the investigatory congressional committee head by Frank Church in the 1970s that examined intelligence agency abuses of power under the Nixon administration. This examination of the Church committee and its various reports considers to what extent the committee was influenced by the legacy of Watergate. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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disgrace (Nassivera, 2004). The Watergate scandal culminated in Congress preparing to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president. Nixon subsequently concluded that since he no longer had sufficient congressional support to avoid impeachment, resignation was his most logical recourse, as conviction seemed a likely possibility. The Watergate scandal has come to refer to the entirety of the abuses of executive power that were revealed during investigatory congressional hearings. It draws its name from a "botched attempt by five men," who became collectively known as the "plumbers," to break into national campaign headquarters of the Democratic Party, which were located in the Watergate complex in Washington, DC (Nassivera, 2004). The point of the break-in was to establish electronic surveillance, i.e., "bug," the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (Nassivera, 2004). Ironically, the entire project was pointless and unnecessary, even to die-hard supports of the president, as Nixon won reelection by a landslide. The Nixon campaign denied any involvement in the break-in, but two reporters for The Washington Post newspaper, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, pursued the story, ultimately connecting it directly to the Nixon administration. The Watergate break-in turned out to be part of a larger endeavor undertaken by officials in the Nixon administration that was designed to spy on Nixons opponents, as Nixon was convinced that leaks to the press directly threatened the effectiveness of his administration (Nassivera, 2004). There is still no conclusive evidence that Nixon had knowledge of the Watergate break-in prior to its occurrence. The factor that toppled his presidency is the fact that afterwards, President Nixon participated in cover-up efforts and thereby became guilty of obstruction of justice (Nassivera, 2004). The Watergate scandal exposed "abuses of power at the highest levels of authority within the nations borders" (Oseth, 1985, p. ...

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