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This 15 page biography discusses the life and times of Cato the Elder. His primary accomplishments and high standard of morality are emphasized. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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consul ("Cato the Elder" PG). While those designations seemed quite impressive in the Ancient world, Cato was even more than that. Known as a Roman statesman, orator, and man of letters, this intriguing figure was born in Tusculum, Latium in 184 B.C. ("Cato, Marcus" PG). He served in the army, and won the honor of a triumph for his victories in Spain, but what he was most well known for were his activities as censor in 184 ("Cato the Elder" PG). In many ways, Cato the Elder was not unlike those who represent the Moral Majority today. He was the Jerry Falwell of Ancient Rome. Of course, comparing Cato to a contemporary leader of morality does not do justice to the mans accomplishments as he had in fact done much good for his community at the time, in addition to supporting a moral framework for society. Cato the Elder campaigned against the immorality and luxury of Roman life and used the power of his office to weed out of the corrupt factions in the Senate ("Cato the Elder" PG). He dealt with those he considered unworthy, either because of their extravagance or their departure from his own conception of virtuous Roman character (PG). In the year 157 he was sent out on a mission to Africa and was supposed to make peace between the Carthaginians and Numidian tribesmen (PG). During that time he became obsessed with the notion that the city of Carthage, which was filled with luxury and wealth, was a detriment to Rome (PG). Cato was notorious for concluding every one of his speeches with the words "Delenda est Carthago" which translates to Carthage must be destroyed ("Cato the Elder" PG). When his death was imminent, the war between Carthage and Rome--or the Third ...

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