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A 7 page paper which examines the history and evolution of Canada and France. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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from France. In many ways this leads us to think that Canada and France are perhaps more similar than they are different. But, then again, that is also like saying that the United States and England are quite similar since it was mostly English individuals who truly established the United States. In this we can see that while the nation may have been developed by a great deal of the French, and while much of the national influence is still French, Canada has its own unique history, evolution, and society. The following paper examines the history of France and Canada, separately at first, and then examines how they are different and alike. The paper essentially argues that while the two are different, they are similar and as such compliment each other in many areas of evolution and interaction. Canada "Well before Columbus discovered America in 1492, prehistoric tribes from Asia had come across the Bering Strait; and around AD 1000, the Vikings, the first European vistors, had tried to settle in northern Newfoundland" (Canada: History). By the time that later Europeans arrived there was already a firmly established native culture in what we now know as Canada. While there was somewhat extensive exploration taking place, it was the French explorer Jacques Cartier who actually "made the first claim on the area surrounding the St Lawrence River in 1534" (Canada: History). In Quebec we have another French explorer by the name of Samuel de Champlain who founded the city in the 1600s. It was in the year of 1663 that Canada became a province of France but just when the French were beginning to prosper in this new land the English entered and founded Hudsons Bay Company which resulted in competition in the fur trade industry. In another ...

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