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Business Plan: Home Health Service Provider

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A 15 page paper providing business and marketing plans for a new home health service in an Ohio town. The paper discusses the changing nature of the health care industry and Medicare’s influence on it and demographic changes as the population ages to conclude that an adequate market for the new service exists in the local area. The plan includes a breakeven analysis, projected balance sheet and projected cash flow for the first 9 months of operation. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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There are countless "old" businesses around: coffee, sugar, home building, furniture, TV sales, video rental stores. Conventional wisdom says that in starting a new business, it is necessary to find something new that has at least short-term potential to stay ahead of the competition. However, there is a reason that the "old" businesses remain viable. People want the goods and services they offer. Added to this fact is that the health care industry is among the nations fastest-growing. Further, the industry is expected to increase in activity and revenues for the next generation, at minimum. Attention to costs over the past 20 years initially restricted services such as home health care, but third-party payers (i.e., insurance companies, HMOs) have realized in recent years that home health care often is more affordable than institutionalization. Home health care is experiencing more demand at present than at any other time. Introduction An advantage to entering an "old" business is that there are well-defined plans for success and myriad descriptions of failure. Unlike the new technology or service that may or may not have a market, home health care is a service that always has a market of some size. The business is a proven one, one that has been documented for years as being successful - or at least carrying the potential for success. As with any other business, the proof of success is in the bottom line. Management of the business and of targeting appropriate customer segments can prove to be the defining point of success or failure. We believe that we have the ...

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