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This 5 page paper provides an overview of business law issues, including the use of videotaping and the impacts of intellectual property law. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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a shift in the operation of appellate proceedings. In fact, videos are being used as official trial reports, determining some shifts in the appellate process. There are a number of problems with the use of video recordings as official trial reports for appellate court proceedings. The issue of consistency in the use of video reporting could be problematic in terms of maintaining a consistent record. If one lower court submits written transcripts and another presents a video recording, is the quality or nature of the record influencing court decisions? In terms of legal determinations, written records should be as valuable as videotaped recordings, because they show an accurate reflection of what was presented to the lower court. Unfortunately, emotional reactions to what is viewed could determine a variation in the application of the law that could influence the legal process. As a result, consistency should be assessed relative to the widespread use of video recordings as court documents. Question #2: Personal Jurisdiction in Tort Law When Mary Callais was hit by a large crate that flew off a truck owned by a trucking firm from Georgia, she decided to file a suit against the company for $300,000 in damages. Callais could decide which court to file suit in: the Florida state Court, a Georgia court of a Federal court. In deciding which court to file suit in, Callais had a number of significant considerations. In tort cases, jurisdiction refers to the powers of the court to make a decision in a case, and refers to both personal jurisdiction (jurisdiction based on residency or location) and jurisdiction over the subject matter, in this case the issue of liability for damages incurred in an accident that happened in ...

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