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A 5 page paper which presents a general overview of business continuity services. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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were established so that each could back up the others" (Schladweiler, 1990; p. 63). This was the truth over 10 years ago and seems to be an even more powerful truth today as technology and our reliance on computers grows. According to one author, "E-commerce has brought in new requirements and solutions for disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning in systems management. In this environment, e-commerce DR/BC providers must address issues including the current attitudes and behavior such as lack of good operational procedures, the definition of "disaster," which now comprises man-made happenings in addition to natural disasters and the need to be proactive rather than reactive" (Butler, 2000; p. 44). Bearing these realities in mind we present the following paper which offers up a general overview of business continuity services and discusses the major players and industries which rely on the business continuity services. Business Continuity Services Business continuity services are services offered that protect an industry or company from disasters which may well affect ones process of doing business regarding technology. As one author indicates, "Businesses have been giving increased focus to their ability to survive disasters. Disasters can take many forms...earthquakes and floods are one type" (Schladweiler, 1990; p. 63). A business can also experience "Fires, power outages, telecommunications outages, and a host of other problems" which "can cause "both short- and long-term damage to the health of a business, impacting revenues and profits sometimes for extended periods of time, and potentially putting it out of business" (Schladweiler, 1990; p. 63). This is where business continuity services come into play. While many companies used to rely on back-up systems and back-up computers today they turn to the services which provide, "on a shared-cost basis, services that would help protect a business from ...

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