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“Black Ice”: A Review of Lorene Cary’s Autobiography

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A 5 page review of the autobiography of one of the most accomplished black women of our time. Attending the prestigious St. Paul’s Preparatory School in New Hampshire at the tender young age of fifteen, African American Lorene Carey faces the turbulence of the Civil Rights movement and the direct effect it will have on her life and she on it. No additional sources are listed.

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Lorene Carys "Black Ice" is her memoirs of her childhood during the tumultuous Civil Rights Movement. Using the metaphor of the crystallization of black ice, Cary recounts the highlights of the time and of her subsequent life as an adult. Cary receives a scholarship at the young age of fifteen to attend St. Pauls Preparatory School in New Hampshire. Two problems immediately arise, however: Cary lives in metropolitan West Philadelphia and she is black. St. Pauls, of course, is a predominantly white school and only just before she arrived it was not only all white but it was all male. Cary was, in fact, the first African American girl ever to study there. Cary must not only leave her home, her family and her friends, she must travel into an arena which is not overly receptive to blacks (and especially black girls) during that time period. She adjusts by excelling at everything to which she sets her mind. That to which she sets her mind, however, does not always ensure straight academic success. Cary jumps into her new life head first with a passion that is seldom witnessed among students even in the best of circumstances. She even immediately enrolls in calculus, her weakest subject. Although she is limited by her asthma, Cary also chooses to play soccer at her new school. She attempts to overhaul the ideologies of the "Third World Club" and, in her senior year, is even elected vice president of her class. As though the election werent honor enough, Cary would serve as the first female vice president ever. Carys honors were just beginning, however. She ...

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