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Andamanese Tribal Religion

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A 4 page paper which examines the tribal religion of the Andamanese culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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Ocean. They are considered to be the most aboriginal of all people on the earth and have long held onto a lifestyle that is incredibly hostile to outsiders. However, as years have gone by they have become more and more threatened as they open up to outsiders and their future looks fairly grim. The following paper examines these people, with a focus on their religious beliefs. Andamanese Tribal Religion Bearing in mind that the islands possess some different peoples, the paper offers a generalization of the people. They are a people, as mentioned, that are likely the most primitive in the world and are quickly becoming more and more threatened. And, as they open themselves up, something rarely done in the past, they are also opening themselves up to things like diseases that they have no resistance to.1 In essence, they are a people that are difficult to study. One of the most noted individuals who has spent time with them, and thus is likely the best and most accurate modern source of information, is George Weber. In relationship to the notion of creation it seems that one name, Tomo, is commonly used in reference to the first man (like Adam in the Bible) but it is also noted by Weber that each tribe has a somewhat different story and there seems to be no real connection or solid story that one could rely on as the story of creation or how humans first came into being. For example, according to Weber, one story has the first human coming from an egg and being born when the bamboo he lived in split open. Weber notes another tribal belief wherein the first man came from the trunk of a tree. And, in another story provided by Weber he ...

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