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Air Crash Disaster Management

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This 10 page paper looks at how a plan to deal with a airplane cashing on landing could be developed with a scenario exercise to assess the effectiveness of the plans. The paper talks through the planning process with a timeline for the exercise and then considers how feedback can be given. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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management plans, backed up with practical exercises many of the disasters which have been seen in recent years, from the Oklahoma City bombing, the attacks on the World Trade Centre on 9th September 2001 to the recent bombs on the London Underground on the 7th July 2005, would have resulted in a higher level of injury and death. When a disaster strikes it is too late to start to think about what to do, in many cases there is a duty of care by those who need to respond to the victims that are caught up in the disaster. An airline has a responsibility to its passengers and employees and due to this and wider responsibilities that plans are put into place for a range of emergencies. For example, in the case of an accident during landing there will be set procedures that need to be followed, these procedures need to be tested and practiced, so that if ever an event occurs there will be a measured and efficient response rather than panic. To determine the procedures and how a practice should be staged the first stage is to examine what policies and actions should be undertaken and develop the plans to be used in an emergency. The management of risk itself takes place in several stages. The first need to be the identification and assessment of the potential risks. The level of the risk also needs to be identified for the development of a plan to prevent or contain the risk, should it occur. The level of severity and the likelihood of a risk becoming a threat or a danger helps to determine the action that will be taken. The way that these different risks may be dealt with is by the use of an all ...

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