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This 7-page paper discusses the emerging technologies of solar power and wireless electricity. Also discussed are the impact of these technologies on business and society. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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a knowledge and information society. But two emerging technologies, solar power and wireless electricity, are likely to have far-reaching impacts on the medium to long-term future. Solar technology, which has been around for years, is now starting to take on a greater impact given the need to reduce carbon emissions. Also helping is that the technology is more feasible. If this takes off, the technology could power our homes and businesses without fossil fuels, leading to a cleaner atmosphere. Businesses would also not have to pay so much for operations, meaning those cost cuts could be passed to consumers. Wireless electricity is another technology that isnt new - it was introduced in the late 19th century by Teslo. These days, institutions such as MIT are experimenting with it, and it looks as though the auto industry and the U.S. Defense Department are taking a serious look at it. Wireless electricity could help fuel electric cars, meaning more would be sold, which could mean that the auto combustion engine is a thing of the past. Introduction Throughout history, various introductions of emerging technology, when first introduced, werent necessarily thought to have much of an impact at the time. For example, looking back on the printing press, we see how that particular machine allowed printed material to fall into the hands of those who previously couldnt afford books, which led to the age of enlightenment, the transformation of information and knowledge to the mass population and the world as we know it today. But when Johannes Gutenberg first introduced his printing press, he likely couldnt have foreseen the impact on society his introduction had. Same thing ...

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