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A Comparison of Civilizations

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This 4 page paper evaluates two regions of the world: Africa and the Americas as compared with the Islamic and Asian regions. A general overview is provided but specific information about the culture and religion is included. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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There are of course similarities but what seems to stand out is that Africa did not develop nearly as quickly or as strongly as other regions in the world. Roberts (1995) says that this may be attributable to climatic conditions, but that is only speculation. There is seemingly no conclusive proof that anything will really come about in respect to that idea. The rise and fall of Islamic and Asian regimes do differ from the rise and fall of large societies in the Americas and Africa. Of course, there are similarities as well. A student contemplating this topic is of course addressing a very large entity. At the same time, certain geographic elements favored civilization and the areas that were conducive to growth were China, the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia (Roberts, 1993). There was in fact a variety of differences in civilizations that sprang up during prehistoric times, but clearly, those differences were affected due to the fact that technology was ancient (1993). In other words, today societies are very different. They are rich or poor, and evidence of this is in the things that the societies possess. Then, there had been no real technology so there were not too many differences. In respect to the Islamic and Asian societies that sprang up, these occurred largely by 1000 B.C. (Roberts, 1993). Early on, one sees societies such as the Maya that would dissipate before the advent of Europe, and the Aztecs that disappeared largely due to European influence (Duiker & Spielvogel, 2004). The Incas also dissipated due to the European influence (2004). North American cultures consisted of Cahokia and Anasazi (2004). From these main societies, what is known is that they all came about due to the advent of agriculture and they all engaged in trading (2004). ...

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