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This 5 page paper discusses the life of Alexey Brodovitch who was a famous graphic designer. This paper analyzes his contributions to the world of graphic design and notes his accomplishments. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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significant artistic works in his lifetime. Furthermore, this very interesting man went on to literally define graphic design for a large number of contemporaries. Brodovitch was not at all inhibited about his designs. Where once traditional layouts were he replaced with bold, aggressive, assertive designs and layouts. His photography was much the same. It too was bold, assertive and aggressive. This became his trademark for which he was well-known. Brodovitch was so successful in his career as a graphic designer and a photographer, that he went on to teach his artistic skills to others interested in his interpretations. He eventually opened a school and had the opportunity to instruct artists from various backgrounds who would go on and accomplish much in terms of art. This included set designers, other photographers, and others serious in their attempts at artistic renderings. Alexey Brodovitch was born in 1898 and died in 1971 (Alexey Brodovitch, 2002). He was born in Russia but then moved to Paris where he began his career and then came to the United States in 1930 (Alexey Brodovitch, 2002). It is interesting to note that Brodovitch was self-educated in terms of his painting, and this is quite remarkable when one analyzes his works (American Photographer of Russian Extraction, 2002). His infatuation with painting led quickly to an interest in commercial art (American Photographer of Russian Extraction, 2002). Brodovitch is known for his talent in the field of graphic design and was very influential in this field (Alexey Brodovitch, 2002). He eventually took a job with Harpers Bazaar Magazine and enjoyed a 25 year career with them (Alexey ...

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