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A 3 page review of cell phone technology. The author utilizes critical response techniques to explore the binary patterns that determine the function and functionality of this technology. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

This is a 7 page paper that provides an overview of senior citizens and technology. Barriers to adoption are explored in a research design. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

This 7 page paper critically discusses the impact that new technology is having on the workplace in terms of the way businesses are organized, looking at the negative changes such as job losses and positive changes such as job creation and empowerment. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

This 11 page paper looks at the influences that impact on the adoption rate of technology by employees in the workplace. The paper breaks down the influences into three categories; individual influences organization influences and technology influences, within each category a minimum of seven different influences are discussed, looking at the way in which they ...

This 4-page paper focuses on technological developments in medicine. Topics include telesurgery, virtual systems and intranets. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 5 page paper looks at the arguments for and against digital and analogue signals. Focusing on their use in television and mobile telecommunications, the advantages and disadvantages of the current trend are discussed. The bibliography sites 2 sources.

20 pages in length. Technology's reach into the deep recesses of human existence has been both grand and far-reaching. That mankind stands at the crossroads of yet another millennium more economically, socially and industrially advanced than ever before speaks to the significant leaps forward technological advancement has allowed. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

7 pages in length. Organizations have to consider many information systems and technology-related issues within the boundaries of contemporary commerce. With the vast technological implementation of late, a very pertinent question must be answered: Is information technology an answer to organizational problems or in truth the cause of many of them? Clearly, ...

This 10 page paper argues that technology is a way of life, but technology has changed the way people live, sometimes not for the better. David Noble's ideas about technology are examined. It is argued that technology is generally good, opposing Noble's arguments. Some quotes from Noble are provided. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

A 3 page paper that discusses the impact of technology on the structure and culture of an organization, and thus, affects the workplace. Following a brief introduction to the topic, the writer reports employees' perceptions of productivity and morale. The writer comments on the ability of disabled workers to join the workforce and also on ...

A 4 page discussion of how technology has changed American culture. This article emphasizes twentieth century changes. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

This 3-page paper discusses the relationship between technology life cycles and innovation life cycles. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

The Costs of Commuting

  • 7 page paper

A 7 page paper detailing the true economic costs of our nation's dependence on the automobile. Outlines alternatives to commuting such as telecommuting, bicycling, and mass transit. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

6 pages in length. The issue to be dealt with in this paper is one addressing the fact that excessive driving speeds cause a substantially higher number of deaths than those caused at slower, more prudent speeds. Promoting road safety is the function of speed limit restrictions both on the highway and on surface ...

This 8 page paper reviews the literature relating to the safety components of wearing a helmet when on a motorcycle and looks at the arguments for and against wearing a motorcycle helmet. Ultimately, the author supports helmet use. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

A 5 page paper on the phenomenon of shipwrecks and how,-- through the use of modern technologies, -- they are both less likely to occur and more likely to be understood. Research is also examined concerning some of the reasons that shipwrecks used to occur so often and the precautions that are taken today. Specific ...

A 3 page research paper focusing on the effects of technology on film making. Specific examples are given of the new system JEDI allowing the integration of cartoon characters and people. Bibliography is included.

A 10 page paper presenting the narrative for the design of a new international airport. Included in the discussion are the topics of site selection, benefits to the community, funding of construction, gate set up options with the classic 'V' chosen, concessions and their contribution to airport revenues, rental car arrangements and holding area locations, ...

Pumping Concrete

  • 10 page paper

A 10 page research paper which gives the details the development of the concrete pump, the applications for which pumping is best suited, the problems which can arise from pumping concrete, and the importance of mix design. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

A 5 page paper discussing the roles of blacks and women within technology. The writer addresses the everchanging issues of women and blacks within the workplace, and the everpresent biases that keep these groups from advancing with technology.

21 pages in length. It has been the center of concern and conversation for years; the buzz it has created is unprecedented. For an outsider to assess the situation, one would have no doubt that the world was truly going to come to an end at precisely midnight, January 1, 2000. What is all the ...

This 17 page research paper examines the issue of mandatory retirement for all American airline pilots at age 60. The writer includes background information and a detailed statement of the problem.

10 pages in length. Time has run out. No longer can the world sit idly by in a false sense of security believing that the Y2K problem will be solved prior to reaching midnight on January 1, 2000. Despite intensive displays of technical modification, it can be argued that mankind waited just a bit too ...

An 8 page research paper that looks at 3 economic views—laize faire, Keynesian, and supply and demand—and determines that from the evidence, the Year 2000 computer problem is and will continue to be resolved by supply and demand. The author looks at the problem in terms of governmental, corporate and small business costs, and determines ...

This 5 page paper explores the subject of the millennium bug by focusing on two particular articles on the topic. Both pieces address the scope of the concern as being global, and each in its own way present solutions to fix it. The paper also includes the subject of contingency plans. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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