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Women's Roles Thorough History: Ancient Times Through 1600

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This 10 page paper argues that it is because women can bear children that they have been in subserviatn positions historically. Historical information is provided about Ancient Greece and Medieval times. Bibliography lists 8 sources

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ancient world. Since Eve ate the apple, women have been viewed in black and white terms. During ancient times, concubines existed and while today, things have loosened up a bit so that children born out of wedlock are no longer stigmatized, there is still a sense that marriage is preferred. Yet, the move toward single motherhood is a recent innovation and further, there is a tendency to negatively view women for birthing children out of wedlock. Women are different from men because they can bear children, but this ability has been tied to a history of social labeling that is separate and apart from the creative act of bearing children. There has always been a double standard between men and women as it respects sexuality, but this is perhaps tied to the fact that women have the ability to bear children. If women did not have the children for the family, their sexual nature would not be problematic. Indeed, if men were able to birth babies, things would be different. However, women have been hurt throughout society because of this unique ability. In other words, women have been held back largely due to the fact that they are the ones to carry children to term, nurse them, and are endowed with a combination of hormones that render them the desirable caretakers. While women were favored when they were obedient and gave men legitimate children, there were women who were considered less valuable but nevertheless used for their willingness to provide men with sexual favors. The mistresses, concubines, and prostitutes of the world represented a different group. Yet, this secondary group could not be ignored. Issues of sex and sexuality provide a connection with gender relations in general (Karras, 1998). In examining history, it appears that women have ...

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