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A 4 page research paper that briefly examines the disparities that continue to exist in regards to gender and management in US corporations. The last paragraph of the essay consists of tutorial language advising the student on how to respond to the information given in the research on a personal level. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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the fact that 57 percent of the 11.6 million people working in the foodservice industry in the U.S. are women, but only 27 percent of all restaurant managers are women (Walkup, 2003). The percentage gets even less representative towards the top of the corporate ladder, as only 14 percent of corporate officers are women and just 8 percent of "board-of-directors seat at the parents companies of the 100 larges foodservice chains" are women (Walkup, 2003). Clearly, the playing field between the sexes is not level and this fact has enormous significance for society. Historically, girls and women have struggled to gain social and political rights, such as the right to an education and the right to vote. It has been only within the last century that society began to open up the job market to women, finally, taking advantage of their talents, skills, and capabilities. Imagine the consequences to society if some other arbitrary characteristic had been selected for discrimination, such as a bias against anyone with blue eyes. Discrimination, of any kind, wastes one of societys greatest assets, which is its human capital. According to 2003 statistics, the restaurant industry is not unique as men continue to outnumber women in regards to obtaining management positions (Strout and Gilbert, 2003). In order to get to the top of a corporate hierarchy, women have been advised to "mimic the sometimes coldhearted, often aggressive behavior of the men whove come before them" (Strout and Gilbert, 2003). In the 1980s, for example, courses in assertiveness were extremely popular among professional women. They were given the message that should abandon those parts of their personality and behavior that society label as "feminine"; however, today, the advice is different, as women are realizing that their gender also has "more natural pathway(s) to success," ...

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