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Water: Its Chemistry and Biological Importance

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A 5 page description of water. The author describes the chemical phenomena that make water so critical from a biological standpoint. A brief history on temperature measurement with specifics of the distinction between the Fahrenheit scale, the Celsius scale, and the Kelvin scale is provided as well. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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component on earth. All life forms are dependent on water. The human body itself is predominantly composed of water. As basic as it is to our needs, water is quite complex from a chemical standpoint. It is that chemical complexity, however, that makes water so critical from a biological standpoint. Water is the basis of the osmotic process. The term osmosis is used to denote the process by which liquids move through a semipermeable membrane. Osmosis is a natural process and one which is a critical element in the physiology of all living things. Without the osmotic process there could be no life as we know it. In amoebae and other animals without a rigid skeletal system osmosis is the primary factor which keeps the organism equally "inflated" with fluids. This is true as well in some plants whose leaves and other components would be limp in the absence of osmotic pressure. It is important to note that, unlike the glass cylinder with its attached cellophane membrane or the balloon mentioned above, the membranes and cell walls in a living organism are not passive. Passage back and forth through these membranes and walls is the result of a complex chemical procedure not simply passive diffusion (Arnett, 1977). The natural process of osmosis has been mimicked and replicated on a technological basis using both natural and synthetic membranes (Scott, 1994). It is used industrially in practices such as water purification and food preservation. This use is currently growing at a phenomenal rate in accordance with our own population growth and the corresponding necessity for waste purification and increased food production. To understand ...

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