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Timing a Business Expansion

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A 3 page paper assessing the likely course of interest rates between the end of 2004 and the end of 2005 into mid-2006. A company plans a business expansion for which it will need to borrow money, and it wants to originate its loan at the optimum time. The paper examines current economic conditions, business press articles and current business trends to conclude that interest rates may rise in the future, but it is unlikely that they will decline below current levels. The recommendation is that the company proceed with its expansion plans now, rather than waiting for another year. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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already has decided to expand production capacity by building another factory. The company will be borrowing the funds needed for construction, and the question that remains is when the company should begin the project. The purpose here is to assess current economic conditions relative to interest rates, and how those rates can be expected to move over the next year. The information will be used to determine whether expansion will begin right away or wait for another year. Current Economic Conditions The most recent edition of the Federal Reserve Boards "Beige Book" presents an economic picture that looks far more promising than that of only several months ago. Unemployment is down; more jobs have been created over recent months; consumer spending appears to be strong. The tax cuts received by most Americans in the past months appear to have been used by most households to reduce debt. Businesses are cautiously preparing for better economic times: most of the twelve Federal Reserve districts report "modest increases in both capital spending and hiring" (Beige Book, 2004). Manufacturing activity has increased slightly since the publication of the previous edition of the Beige Book, but businesses across the country continue to express concern over rising energy costs. To date, however, there is no evidence that significant pressures on either wages or prices are accompanying present growth. Analysis In the absence of wage and price pressures, it can be assumed that for the present, inflation will not be an overriding issue that will require direct attention from the Federal Reserve. One of the features of the long period of expansion throughout the 1990s was that growth continued without undue inflationary pressures, and ...

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