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The Vietnam War: Fueled By Nationalism Not Communism

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5 pages in length. The writer discusses how the lessons of Vietnam, especially in a world no longer dominated by the Cold War but in which the forces of nationalism and social revolution remain very powerful, speak to the perpetual need for political power, no matter how much of a strain that might be upon a nation's holistic global perspective. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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see past the fact that another society -- considered to be beneath America -- could challenge the most powerful nation on earth. It was precisely this antagonistic attitude that only served to fuel Ho Chi Minhs desire to ward off foreign domination and American intervention. "...That the United States went to war to defend its economic empire suffers when exposed to fact" (In Defense of an Offensive War). The nationalistic stance ultimately became mired within a presupposition of anticommunist rhetoric, inasmuch as America attempted to divert attention from the real reason. The Gulf of Tonkin is significant to the nationalistic issues of the Vietnam War, inasmuch as it gave President Johnson the ammunition he needed to instigate combat upon the North Vietnamese. The battle, which took place near the North Vietnamese coast, has been historically noted as "one of the key incidents" (Gulf of Tonkin) that ultimately plunged the United States into the Vietnam War. In the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, as it is officially known, the Vietnamese were accused of firing upon the American destroyer U.S.S. Maddox in an unprovoked incident, which was to be the primary reason why President Johnson initiated the reciprocal attack that ultimately "signaled the enemys hostile intent" (Anonymous PG). The Americans claimed that this unprovoked assault happened not just once but two different times, leaving the president no other alternative than to put forth the countrys military support (Gulf of Tonkin). In assessing how and why the US came to tie its own fate with regard to the issue of nationalism in Southeast Asia, the student will want to illustrate how government control can sometimes overstep the boundaries of its own best intentions. ...

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