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The Rise and Fall of Civilizations Between 1500 and 1815

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This 6 page paper focuses on various empires and nations that would be prominent in history between 1500 and 1815. This paper argues that travel and the desires of the explorers were important in understanding the outcome. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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In honing in on the time span between 1500 and 1815, it seems that some regions were more dynamic than others, growing in power, while others suffered a decline. What explains the rise and fall of civilizations? It would probably not come as a surprise to suggest that there were many factors involved from overpopulation and lack of resources, to travel decisions to religion and more. Many reasons affected the decline and fall of Empires. Of course, the ability to fight is one component, but a large part of what had occurred between these years is aligned with ideology and a sense of following a path. Nothing was done haphazardly, but certainly there would be many factors affecting the outcome. When all is said and done, it seems that the best explanation as to why circumstances would change is related to decisions made by explorers and where the settlers would go. Again, there are many factors, but certainly the places that explorers went and where colonists decided to settle would dictate how things would culminate. First, it is important to note that during this period of time, the world population was much lower than it is now. During the year 1500, the world population was only about 425 million and most of those people lived in Asia (Roberts 279). Hence, Asia had quite a lot of people, which is really not all that different from today. In other words, there is still a significant population associated with Asia so it comes as no surprise that the region contained a great many people. It should also be noted that during this time period, in 1800, Chinas population alone was at 330 million, which was too much for the agriculture it was able to access (Roberts 384). There were many upheavals ...

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